"For an Ecuador free of sexual exploitation"


You give hope to eliminate sexual exploitation in Ecuador
Contribute a monthly or one-time amount through the following payment methods.
Maximize your impact with other ways to donate.
Deposit or bank transfer within Ecuador
Make your donation directly into our bank account in Ecuador.
Current account 02005233220
RUC: 1792599857001
Phone: 0983032382

Donation through our partner church Expression58 in the United States
Realiza tu donación a través de nuestra iglesia aliada Expression58. La donación se realizará a través de pushpay (Cuenta bancaria, tarjeta de crédito o débito).

Give to Expression58 (pushpay.com)
(Select Giving Type: Justice Offering)
Memo: CMS Ecuador

Bank deposit from abroad to a bank in Ecuador
Fundación Casa Mis Sueños

Address: Isla San Cristobal N42-34 y Isla Tortuga, JIPIJAPA
ACCOUNT: 02005233220
ROUTING NUMBER (cell phone): +593985375107
THE BANK ADDRESS: Av Amazonas N35 -211 y Japón,  Quito-Ecuador

Corporate donations
Contact a CMS advisor by text message or  infos@cmsecuador.org

Donations of food, food, clothing and/or school supplies
Contact a CMS advisor by text message or  infos@cmsecuador.org
Donaciones de artículos tecnológicos como celulares, laptops, tabletas y computadoras
Contact a CMS advisor by text message o  infos@cmsecuador.org

Buy items and gifts in our online store
By buying items or gifts in our online store you contribute to one of our beneficiaries.

Buy here:

Donate to Casa Mis Sueños:

  • Beyond our reintegration program into society for people who have been sexually exploited or imprisoned, Casa Mis Sueños helps people, the elderly and children in many ways. Workshops and training, business incubator, housing rental, food and basic necessities, school supplies, technology items, medicines, medical check-ups, psychological therapies.
  • Your donation is tax deductible and you will be impacting, not only the life of a person, but of their entire environment. Your donation can change the life of a woman, child and/or elderly person forever.
  • Donate from anywhere in the world. You can choose to make your donation online by credit card, one time or a recurring monthly contribution. Similarly, you can donate via bank transfer or bank deposit. Deliver your products in our collection centers.
  • When you donate to CMS, you donate to a nonprofit organization committed to the highest standards of integrity and financial responsibility.
  • For more information write to us at infos@cmsecuador.org
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