"For an Ecuador free of sexual exploitation"


We are a network of people and organizations that have joined this dream of bringing justice and working to provide real opportunities to people in extreme vulnerability.


More than volunteers, we are a family that believes and fights for an Ecuador free of sexual exploitation.
I joined CMS because I love serving God and others.

My first motivation was the children of the women we serve, but as I get to know each one more, I see the importance of building a society that loves, respects, looks at and values them as God does.

Today I invite you not to miss the opportunity to give love, to receive love, to share with a nice team and grow.

Together we can make a change in this society and we all have something to contribute and bless others.
Eli Briones – Ecuador – volunteer since 2018
The mission/dream of seeing and helping a group of people that no one had thought of before caught my attention.

I joined CMS 14 years ago. My motivation is to challenge myself day by day to contribute to the comprehensive restoration of the women we serve.

Today, I invite you that if you want to see justice and a better world it is YOUR responsibility, it is the responsibility of EVERYONE. CMS will be your guide.
Xime Pozo – Ecuador – volunteer since 2000
I loved the vision of CMS and its work to bring freedom to the most vulnerable in Ecuador.

I believe that the mission that CMS has is aligned with God's purpose for Ecuador. For me, working with CMS means bringing the Kingdom of God to earth.

Today I invite you to join the vision delivered in
Micah 6:8: "You have already been told what the Lord expects of you: to practice justice, love mercy, and humble yourself before your God."

Be part of this change and purpose of God for Ecuador.
Jeffrey Payne – California, USA – volunteer since 2019
I always wanted to serve. I was part of a group of volunteers, wives of soldiers, who went to a nursing home, only to take photos and the things the conscripts delivered. I was looking for something else! I found at CMS a genuine interest in helping women who are neglected by society.

Fundación CMS always cares about its volunteers, they train us and give us the right tools to serve with excellence.

Today I invite you to join in loving these women with a genuine and brotherly love, as a follower of Christ loves his brothers in faith. Hebrews 13:1-2
Mony Tovar – Ecuador – volunteer since 2010
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